Customised Wallpaper

Wallpaper is no longer simply a way to finish the walls of your home or business. Thanks to substantial innovation in materials, install methods and international designs, wallpaper is now a design element suited to even the largest architecturally designed homes. Wallpaper can add a discrete reflective change that catches the eye as one walks by. Conversly, prints can fill the walls of your home with art fit for a museum.
The new generation of wallpapers are modern, textured, and unique giving you endless choice, and freedom of expression. This is the perfect way to make a personal statement on your feature wall of choice or fill the walls of an entire room for a discrete textural finish. Wallpapers from leading fabric houses such as Casmanca, Zepel, Mokum and Unique form a part of the Indeko Studio offer.
Indeko Curtain & Blind Studio is leading the way with our fabric wallpapers, easily coordinated with curtain fabrics and soft interior furnishings. Contact us for an appointment at our showroom to organise a complimentary viewing of our extensive wallpaper sample.

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