Variorscreen Retractable Roof System

The Varioscreen system is a state-of-the-art retractable sunroof designed for adaptable sun protection, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor spaces. 

It features a unique, retractable design that allows for an open sky experience when desired and shade when needed. The system is built with durable materials to withstand various weather conditions and is customisable to fit specific architectural needs.

Variorscreen Retractable Roof System1

Varioscreen enhances outdoor living spaces by providing a comfortable environment, reducing glare, and protecting against harmful UV rays, making it an ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Key features include:

Adaptability:  The system can be retracted to enjoy open skies or extended for shade, providing versatile sun protection.

Durability:  Constructed with high-quality materials to endure diverse weather conditions.

Customisation:  Tailored to meet specific architectural requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.

Comfort:  Enhances outdoor living by reducing glare and blocking harmful UV rays, suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Innovation:  Incorporates cutting-edge technology for ease of use and longevity.

This detailed blend of features underlines the Varioscreen system’s commitment to enhancing outdoor environments through functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing design.

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