Sustainability, responsibility and health

In today’s world the places we spend the most time, like our homes and workplaces have become more than just a primal place to escape the elements. It’s become increasingly important that they not only offer shelter but also that these spaces are energy-efficient and provide the comfort we enjoy. Your curtains should:
-       Allow fresh air to flow through your home
-       Provide natural light without any glare
-       Create an optimal temperature
-       Keep unwanted noises out

Windows are an interesting part of your home, they let in light warmth and fresh air, allow you to see the world outside your home but are also responsible for a drop in energy-efficiency in your home. Up to 40% of your home’s heating can be lost through your windows. To ensure your home is more comfortable and to reduce your energy costs, window treatments like blinds, curtains and shutters can be incorporated to make a positive impact.

Responsibly Sourcing & The Environment

Indeko works hard to build long term relationships with a select number of suppliers, which benefit not only our customers, but supports our commitment to enhancing quality and sustainability - reducing our impact on the environment and focusing on social responsibility. As such, many of our supplies are now offering fully recycled textiles in their product ranges.
We’re confident that we’re working with a team of partners committed to ensuring our sustainability now and into the future. Our partners are committed to:
-       Reducing their carbon footprint
-       Utilising green packaging and recycled materials where possible
-       Offering a recycling program for unused window coverings that require disposal

People at our core

Of utmost importance to us are the people, partners and customers we have relationships with. We work hard to ensure our workplaces are inclusive, safe and motivating. We have a zero tolerance policy for anti-social behaviour or mistreatment and expect a high level of mutual respect with all people and parties with deal with.

Eco Collection by Zepel

The Eco range is Zepel’s introducton to embracing sustainable practices and highlights innovative advancements in yarn technology.

Sustainable fabrics are constructed with recycled yarn, organic cotton, and can be a combination of both to offer robust fabrics that are comforting, boast luxurious textures, and have a natural aesthetic.

Click HERE to see the full range.

This collection also highlights some key certifications listed below.

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