Roller Blinds

Not all windows are created equal. Often the space for a curtain is not available and the functionality of our world-leading custom roller blinds is required.  Integrated motorised blinds are an architect’s delight. With a sleek minimalist look when closed, blinds can be almost entirely hidden when open.  If your requirements include easy-clean, small footprint and the ability to reveal a window from the bottom or top, we provide solutions from leading brands that you will love.

At Indeko, we offer an enormous range of finishes and options to best match your window treatment with your décor. 

Design options include blockout roller blinds, screen roller blinds, non-transclucent and transclucent roller blinds.  Roller blinds can be configured as a twin roller blind, screen at the back, blockout at the front as well as the option to multi-link your blinds.

Roller blinds are the perfect solution to increase privacy or to maintain the view, while controlling heat and glare.

Verosol Silverscreen Roller

Fifty years ago, Verosol invented a process whereby a microscopic layer of aluminium was applied onto fabric. No one has come close to SilverScreen metallisation for quality, durability and heat protection.

The Verosol SilverScreen is the ideal solution for energy efficiency whilst providing unparalleled solar and UV protection for floors and interior furnishings.  

Blockout Roller Blind

When privacy and clean lines are at the forefront, contemporary blockout roller blind will seemlessly compliment your interiors. 

Roller Blinds Perth

Non Transclucent Blind

Creating beautiful filtered light with the added benefit of privacy.  Non transclucent roller blinds work perfectly in the study, bathroom or living areas.

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