Luxaflex Folding Arm Awning

The Luxaflex Folding Arm Awnings are designed to enhance outdoor living spaces in Australia. These awnings offer energy efficiency by optimising sunlight exposure throughout the year, contributing to temperature control and energy savings.

Featuring several ranges, including Cassette, Standard, and Entry Level, each offering unique designs and functionalities suited for different spaces and preferences. Notable features include sleek designs, durable construction for Australian climates, and options for customisation in colour and operation (manual or motorised).

The awnings are celebrated for their ability to extend outdoor living areas, provide sun and rain protection, and contribute to a home’s aesthetic appeal.

Luxaflex Folding Arm Awning
Luxaflex Folding Arm Awning2

Accessories and options for enhanced functionality, such as home automation compatibility, heating, and LED lighting, are also highlighted, underscoring the awnings’ versatility and adaptability to various needs and preferences.

The Luxaflex Folding Arm Awnings feature innovative designs like the Eclipse Semi, Dynamic Semi, and Arafura, each offering unique benefits like fabric protection, pitch control, and sleek appearances suitable for various applications.

Designed to enhance outdoor living spaces, these awnings provide efficient sun protection, contributing to energy savings and improved comfort in both residential and commercial settings.

Luxaflex Folding Arm Awning4
Luxaflex Folding Arm Awning5

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