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Indeko Curtain & Blind Studio has a number of products for your windows that will help keep in the warmth in winter and also help keep out the heat in summer. Possibly the overall best performance will come from a curtain with blockout lining and inclusion of a bumph interlining. For smaller windows and odd shaped windows, we would generally recommend a Luxaflex Duette or Verosol Pleated blind. In situations where there is no real privacy issue and you want to retain the view then perhaps consider a Versol Silverscreen Metalised Roller blind or Pleated blind. Both work exceptionally well in keeping in the warmth in winter and keeping out the heat in summer.

In summary, we have a number of options for insulating your home for both winter and summer.

A curtain pleat refers to the heading at the top of a curtain or sheer. Traditional style headings include pinch pleats and pencil pleats. Box pleats curtains are modern look given the flat finish on the top of the curtain however be aware that the way the pleat folds will cause the fabric stack when open to look a lot bulkier than a a traditional pinch pleat. Other types of curtain headings include S-Wave or Ripple fold, Evo pleats, Goblet Pleats, Inverted pleat, eyelet and Tab tops.
Depending on the brand, Yes.  Some brands such as Luxaflex and Verosol can be retrofitted with a Somfy tubular motor.
The amount of time it takes to get curtains or blinds installed is generally around 3 weeks from order or check measure to installation. This will depend on the availability of the selected fabric and place or origin, particularly with imported European and New Zealand fabrics such as Raffles, Verve, Ashley Wilde, Unique. Some brands such as Warwick and Charles Parsons hold some stock locally and so the overall lead time can be even shorter.
There are several window treatment solutions than can help with noise reduction. Depending on the desired look and feel, orientation and size of the window a curtain with a bumph interlining will give the best insulation and overall noise reduction.  When coupled with specialist acoustic fabrics the overall effect of a properly built curtain can provide a significant reduction in noise transfer.  Other window treatments that help with noise reduction include Luxaflex Duette Blinds with its multi-cell construction, which offers a significant sound attenuation.

There is typically 3 different types of floor lengths to choose from when selecting your curtains.

Slight float – Typically 1-2 cms above the floor: Can be used for all curtain types from light weight to heavy and allows curtains to fall without any break so that they fall straight. The slight float curtain length does not touch the floor.

Resting – Can sit from 0-2 cms on the floor, suitable for all weight fabrics from light to heavy. The resting or kiss curtain length is the hardest of all to ensure the look you are trying to create as it requires absolute accuracy from the rod/track to the desired floor length. The finished curtain often sees a slight bend in the curtain.

Puddle – This is best suited to heavier fabrics to achieve that beautiful full effect typically seen in European and/or character homes. A puddled finish looks fabulous using quality fabrics such as shot-silk, velvet or linen. The more length in the curtain ensures you see the richness and natural fibres in the fabric, this also results in a higher volume of puddle.

Deciding whether to have your curtain length resting on the floor, puddling or a slight float depends a lot on your personal choice along with the fabric chosen. For example, resting or a slight float can look lovely on sheer curtains, however due to the lightness of the fabric, would not sit well using a puddle finish.

Our showroom team offers a wealth of knowledge to help you choose the best option for your desired interior design.

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