The choice of your curtain heading is an integral part of deciding what drape style is right for you and your home. Each heading type not only offers a different look, but a different amount of fullness in your curtain. 

Triple Pinch Pleat

Triple pinch pleat or ‘pinch pleat’ curtains have groups of three pleats spaced evenly along the curtain, creating a classic formal finish with a neat tailored look and fullness. A major advantage of triple pleat curtains is that they ‘stack back’ very neatly in a relatively small space, making them an ideal choice when wall space is limited.

Double Pinch Pleat

Similar to the triple pinch pleat, double pinch pleat curtains have groups of two pleats, resulting in a less full but more simplistic finish with an even smaller ‘stack back’.


This increasingly popular heading has a smooth, continuous ‘wave’ effect, crafting a modern look which is highly functional and easy to operate. The fabric falls in neat folds immediately without needing to be ‘trained’ in the way that pinch pleat or inverted pleat curtains require.

Pencil Pleat / Gather

Gathered or pencil pleat headings have a soft, informal and less structured finish with an attractive ‘ruffle’ look.

Box Inverted Pleat

Inverted pleat or Box pleat is designed to hang below or above a decorative track and has a sleek tailored finished look. It’s ‘stack back’ is larger than other styles but gives a more contemporary look to curtains or sheers.
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