Not only can a fabric offer visual and tactile comfort, it is also considered the means for crafting a beautifully designed and decorated home. Different fabrics offer many benefits to a home, including: 
  • Reduction of glare and intrusive light
  • Minimising unattractive views 
  • Maintaining security and privacy 
  • Adding an element of beauty and elegance to any room
Fabric choice is an essential step when selecting your window treatments. Each fabric has it’s own performance levels and characteristics. Our extensive range of fabrics on display in the showroom, makes finding your perfect home accent an enjoyable process!

Fabric houses we carry are among the likes of Mokum, Warwick, James Dunlop, Charles Parsons, Zepel and Wilson, along with many designer brands such as Ashley Wilde, Camengo, James Hare, Orla Kiely and GP & J Baker. 

Standard Fabrics

  • Our vast range includes a variety of plains, patterns, jacquards, stripes, self-patterns, prints, embroidery and florals in both sheer and solid fabrics.

Blockout & Coated Fabric

  • This cost-effective fabric can be used as a decorative fabric and blackout lining all in one. Additionally, blackout fabrics also insulate and have noise-dampening qualities, due to their density and opacity.

Soft weave & Triple weave Fabric

  • For room darkening options in areas of your home such as the bedroom or cinema room, a triple weave fabric will provide a level of block out with a little light filtering. 

Hemptech Fabrics

  • Hemptech fabrics are 100% chloride free and are bleached by the environmentally sound alternative peroxide. All bleaching & dying of yarn conforms to strick European E.E.C environmental standards, making them an environmentally friendly and sustainable option. 

Confidence in Textiles

  • To ensure we are not being subjected to harmful substances, many of our suppliers have taken the proactive approach to obtaining certification form Oeko-Tex, the internationally recognised label for 'Confidence In Textiles'. This label signifies that the product has passed rigorous testing confirming that no harmful substances are present and that the fabric poses no risk to consumer health.
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