Blockout & Blockout Linings

Blockout & Blockout Linings
Linings are an essential aspect of any curtain, allowing you to solve various interior problems whilst extending the life of your curtains! A good quality lining can achieve many or all of the following, in one single curtain: 
  • Light control
  • Insulation and temperature control
  • Noise dampening
  • Increase curtain fullness 
  • Protection of other drapery and interior decor from harsh UV rays 
Indeko Curtain & Blind Studio only use locally made linings, whether it be blockout or a simple cotton lining which have been specifically developed to meet Australian performance requirements. Our suppliers linings are dry cleanable and washable and backed by our 3 year quality guarantee. We also supply fire retardant linings, suitable for residential and commercial use.

Bumph Lining

Bumph interlining is a great way to add fullness to a curtain for a plush finish. We recommend the use of bumph on silk, taffeta and light weight or delicate fabrics. Bumph is positioned between the curtain fabric and the lining, and is commonly used to assist in the reduction and absorption of sound, perfect for home theatres. 
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