Verosol Blinds

Verosol Blinds
Fifty years ago, Verosol invented a process whereby a microscopic layer of aluminium was applied onto fabric. This layer was called SilverScreen, and the process was called metallisation. Over the years, many blind manufacturers have tried to copy our process, without success. They found other ways to metallise fabric, however, to this day, no one has come close to SilverScreen metallisation for quality, durability and heat protection. 

The benefits of SilverScreen are amazing

  • SilverScreen reflects up to 82% of solar radiation, making it the best in it's market.
  • Elimination of UV radiation, preventing fading and damage to furniture.
  • Your view through to the outside world is unaffected, irrespective of the sun’s intensity.
  • Reassurance with a 5-year warranty.
  • SilverScreen is low maintenance, anti-static and dust repellent.

SilverScreen is not a cost it’s an investment

SilverScreen is the ultimate energy efficient solution, ideal for saving on heating and cooling costs. Here’s why:

  • During summer, SilverScreen’s highly reflective metallised surface repels up to 82% of solar energy before it has a chance to turn into heat. This means room temperatures stay lower, saving you on cooling costs.
  • In winter, the aluminium layer insulates the window, trapping warm air in the room, saving you on heating costs.
  • SilverScreen can save approximately 20% of energy consumption in an air-conditioned building and about 10% in a non-air-conditioned building.
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